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Helios Compounding Pharmacy is an accredited
central-fill compounding pharmacy in Ontario.

We use our specialized expertise to help provide innovative medication solutions tailored to meet the needs of your patients when prescription medication is either not available or not appropriate.

We help you avoid costly investments in equipment and ingredients while maintaining your prescription revenue in-house.

Why Choose Helios


We offer quality and convenience. Learn about our services, benefits, and process.

What is central-fill prescription processing?

At Helios, a pharmacist or registered technician packages and prepares the medication and checks the final product for technical accuracy before sending it to your pharmacy. Our pharmacist or registered technician is liable for the technical accuracy.

An example of centralized prescription processing:

Patient presents prescription to Pharmacy A.

Pharmacy A reviews the prescription.

Pharmacy A (registered technician or pharmacist) collects and documents the relevant patient information for the pharmacist’s review of the therapeutic appropriateness.

Prior to using central-fill processing, Pharmacy A must receive consent from the patient or the patient’s agent authorizing the transfer of personal health information to the central-fill pharmacy.

Pharmacy A can also adapt or renew the prescription and should identify any drug-related problems.

Pharmacy A is required to communicate with the prescriber when renewing a prescription and, if appropriate, when making an adaptation.

If drug-related problems are identified, Pharmacy A should also communicate with any other relevant healthcare professionals.

Pharmacy B prepares the medication.

Pharmacy B (registered technician or pharmacist) packages and prepares the medication and checks the final product for technical accuracy (for example is it the right drug and the right quantity as per the original prescription).

Pharmacy A dispenses the medication

Once the prescription goes back to Pharmacy A, the pharmacist communicates with the patient and/or the patient’s agent regarding the medication, answers questions and monitors and conducts necessary follow-ups.

Patient leaves Pharmacy A with their appropriate medication.

Source: Pharmacy Connection, vol. 21, no. 4, Fall 2014, p. 23

Pharmacy A may choose to provide interactions and services at different points than depicted in the above diagram, and fewer or additional interactions as appropriate. The diagram illustrates the flow of a prescription in a centralized filling process as well as where cognitive and technical aspects of dispensing occur.

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