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A Personal Message from the Founders of Helios

We commonly get asked the same question: “Why did we start Helios?”


All four of us are pharmacists and pharmacy owners and quite simply, we were tired of trying to find a solution for our patients who would come in to the pharmacy trying to fill a prescription for a compounded medication. We wanted to source the compound from a trusted provider and focus on the care of our patients. We felt terrible having to turn away our own loyal clients by referring them to compounding pharmacies and thereby causing a disconnect in their care. After discussing this one day, we decided that we wanted to find a solution but also realized that we weren’t the only ones that felt this way… so we decided to build Helios.


We envisioned making the sourcing of compounds more accessible for everyone — pharmacists and practitioners alike. We didn’t want to see ingredients go bad and invest in equipment that wouldn’t ever see use.


With the creation of Helios, pharmacies and practitioners now have a way to get any compound for their patients sourced from one vendor. We have simplified the ordering process and strive to make this as easy as ordering from a wholesaler. The idea is to source the compound and work with Helios to confirm that it is appropriate for the patient so that when the product is received, it can simply be dispensed to your patients. As a pharmacy or practitioner working with Helios, you just need to worry about educating your patients and making sure that the compound is appropriate for them while letting someone else ensure the quality of the product.


Taking this idea a step further, working with Helios Compounding Pharmacy would allow pharmacies to build a practice that works with prescribers that can custom order medications without having to invest in costly equipment and ingredients. The main focus would be business development with Helios taking care of the compounding duties. For prescribers, revenue from compounds can remain with the practice.

Sunny Lalli, Manveer Dhillon, Angelo Dias and Ali​ Zohouri

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